[Bug 744303] bufferpool: Don't free GstBuffer if memory isn't writable

GStreamer (GNOME Bugzilla) bugzilla at gnome.org
Sun Feb 15 23:01:00 PST 2015


--- Comment #3 from kevin <kevinbing.song at gmail.com> ---
The reasons of why need video buffer pooling without free:

1. V4L2 does support allocate memory dynamically currently on our platform. So
memory is pre-allocated. We implement V4L2 memory allocator, and use default
video buffer pool. And can't do memory pooling in V4L2 memory allocator as
can't handle flushing.

2. VPU (video decoder unit) must register all video frame buffer in initialize
on our SOC, and can't support dynamically change the video frame buffer during
decoding. So video pool shouldn't free and allocate memory during playback.

Can add this kind of usage as one special usage to avoid broken buffer pool
normal usage?

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