[Bug 690719] jackaudiosink: add new property (port-pattern) to specify which jack ports to autoconnect to

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Mon Feb 16 08:10:43 PST 2015


--- Comment #11 from Sergey Kondakov <virtuousfox at gmail.com> ---
Well, i do use and build the system that uses JACK by default and has GStreamer
both 0.10 and 1.0 - https://github.com/v-fox/live_opensuse_hsf
And soon proper public build of live image starting from version 0.8.0 with
JACK & full-scale redirection of everything to it will be made.

As of now, i've put all audio sink variables of gconf at
"/system/gstreamer/0.10/default" and dconf at
to 'jackaudiosink buffer-time=2000000' (not sure why buffer-time is needed but
people on Internet insist on it). But it doesn't seem to affect anything
anywhere and there are no options for GStreamer 1.0 found anywhere.
So i just select jack sink per app where i can and force global redirection
from everything with port names "out_.*audiosink_.[1-2]" (most apps do
'out_jackaudiosink_X' but today I've found out one with 'out_audiosink_X' -
subtitlecomposer) in JACK patchbay.
I direct their first 2 ports (stereo) to jamin instead of physical, then jamin
processes it and puts it there itself. It would be nice if GStreamer would have
well-known working global configuration somewhere where one could force it to
use jack sink/src and to connect to certain client/port. Like in ALSA/JACK
compatibility plugin you can just put this in asoundrc:
    playback_ports {
        0 jamin:in_L
        1 jamin:in_R }
    capture_ports {
        0 system:capture_1
        1 system:capture_2 }
But PulseAudio has the same problem as GStreamer: only boolean "connect" option
for physical without any port definition

And, yeah, don't forget about capture/source ports too. They are not necessary
physical either.

As about "help": my coding skills are non-existent but testing and system
building are present. I will assist with what i can. Too bad thought that
making testing builds on non-bleeding-edge non-source-based systems is
borderline masochistic.

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