[Bug 733959] hlsdemux: download bitrate alogoritmus don't reflect real download rate

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Mon Feb 16 23:03:52 PST 2015


--- Comment #19 from Duncan Palmer <dpalmer at digisoft.tv> ---
(In reply to Duncan Palmer from comment #18)

> I'm wondering if it would be simpler to define a minimum amount of data
> which can be used to measure download rate, have a queue which can hold that
> amount of data, and simply measure how long it takes to fill that queue? 
> Then emppty the queue and repeat. If we don't fill it e.g. because we switch
> variant, then we don't measure bitrate that time around. Again, we run into
> trouble with low bitrate variants, as the queue could end up being quite
> long in stream time.

Actually, there's no low bitrate problem provided we always read from this
bitrate calculation queue using a seperate thread. We don't calculate how long
it takes to fill the queue, but rather how long it takes to read n bytes, where
n is the size of the queue. We wait for it to empty after this calculation.

I'd guess the size of the queue wouldn't need to me more than a couple of
hundred K.

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