[Bug 723683] gl: make gstgl python binding able to share textures with pyopengl's context

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Tue Feb 17 06:34:18 PST 2015


--- Comment #7 from Lubosz Sarnecki <lubosz at gmail.com> ---
Maybe I should notice that plugins bad need to be compiled with Graphene for
this demo.
I also use a combination of instrospected Graphene (which is currently quite
buggy https://github.com/ebassi/graphene/issues/11) and numpy for linear

python-cairo from git is also needed for the demo to work.

Bisecting gst-gl showed this result

2c24b97cf05f60e20e83aabd56f0b3c79b58e3d1 is the first bad commit
commit 2c24b97cf05f60e20e83aabd56f0b3c79b58e3d1
Author: Matthew Waters <matthew at centricular.com>
Date:   Sun Oct 19 08:09:37 2014 +0400

    glx: ask for a GL3 core context

So 2c24b97cf05f60e20e83aabd56f0b3c79b58e3d1^ is required for the demo to work.

The GSoC I was working on this was 2014 for Pitivi, where I implemented the
gltransformation plugin and gst-gl introspection bindings.
The changes for Pitivi are still not upstream, one reason is the regression,
another is a missing abstraction for visual editors working with more plugins
than just gltransformation.
The current Pitivi branch with this can be found here:

Another project I am currently working on which builds upon this is a GStreamer
VR player for the Oculus Rift. I will continue on these in March. For example
on the GSt hackfest :)

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