[Bug 744508] camerabin: Add one property to set sink element for video recording pipeline

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Wed Feb 18 17:56:07 PST 2015


--- Comment #2 from kevin <kevinbing.song at gmail.com> ---
Ok, I will prepare the patch.

I am developing the camera application. The use cases are below:

1. start preview after run the application.
2. capture one image after received one command.
3. recording video after received one command.
4. display media time when recording videos.
5. monitor storage free space when video recording. stop video recording is
storage free space less then one threshold (currently 50M).
6. list native camera caps.
7. set camera output caps.
8. store recorded videos to fragment videos.
9. streaming recorded video to network.
10. add time stamp (date, media time) onto video.
11. add all kinds of video effect based on Open GL onto video.
12. using Open CV to do face detect (planing).
13. capture one image while video recording (planing. need Gstreamer support

I am grad to upstream the application if community accept it.

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