[Bug 744763] gltransformation: Make all property into universal [0-1] coordinate

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Thu Feb 19 08:57:08 PST 2015


--- Comment #6 from Lubosz Sarnecki <lubosz at gmail.com> ---
I noticed that I was normalizing the transformation in my client code.
So it makes sense to make the values uniform by default.

The patch on my visual editor is also very small:


The range needs to stay G_MAXFLOAT though, since a scaled / rotated image
cannot be moved out of the canvas this way. Z translation should also be
greater than -1 in 3D.

For the pivot I would suggest a vector, eg pivot-x, pivot-y. Where 0,0 is the
default center of the image. (-1,-1) would be one corner of image and (-10,-10)
would be outside of the image.

The question is if one pivot point should influence rotation and scale, or if 2
pivot points need to be added, so could rotate around one corner but scale at
another place. This might be unnecessarily complicated for the user though,
but it would allow more use cases.

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