[Bug 732896] iOS: AudioUnit on iOS produces echo with in/out streams

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Thu Feb 19 18:42:32 PST 2015


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--- Comment #2 from Ilya Konstantinov <ilya.konstantinov at gmail.com> ---
Rob, I'd like to fix this. I've been considering a change to how osxaudio code
is laid out.

Now we have gstosxcoreaudio.c including *either*
1) gstcoreaudiohal.c (osx only)
2) gstcoreaudioremoteio.c (ios only)

Yes, literally #include-ing.

I've been considering either:

1) Build 3 implementations (hal, remote io, vp io) as separate compilation
units, then call impl->start_processing(...) etc. (where impl is a pointer to a
struct of func ptrs)

2) If Remote IO and HAL aren't that different, maybe we should unify the code
and #ifdef out the parts that don't build on iOS (since iOS is the subset).

What do you think? I don't want to rush into it without giving it a bit of
thought from someone more experienced.

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