[Bug 743345] glimagesink: Add support for dmabuf

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Fri Feb 20 00:07:45 PST 2015


--- Comment #17 from Julien Isorce <julien.isorce at gmail.com> ---
+1 for dmabuf caps feature but I think the patches should be updated to
demonstrate how this is useful between v4l2 elements and glimagesink. (as
currently the patches only use it for inteldmabufupload).

Also to avoid re-creating eglimages each time, a solution is to improve
GstGLBufferPool to use a custom associative array (or other data structure)
instead of the default internal queue (inherited from GstBufferPool) to manage
the GstBuffers that wrap EGLImages.

The key would be "gst_dmabuf_memory_get_fd" and the value a GstBuffer that
wraps an EGLImage.

This way glimagesink could use its own buffer pool while insuring that the
re-used buffer matches the incoming buffer.

The challenge I see is that the pool would require to know all the "fd" keys
when being activated. (to avoid initializing it empty and feed it later with
So somehow the gstv4l2bufferpool will be activated first and let the
GstGlBufferPool knows about the available "fd"s, so that it can pre-create the
Maybe using dmabuf caps feature.

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