[Bug 741355] playbin: deadlock

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Tue Feb 24 08:09:13 PST 2015


Vincent Penquerc'h <vincent.penquerch at collabora.co.uk> changed:

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--- Comment #33 from Vincent Penquerc'h <vincent.penquerch at collabora.co.uk> ---
Fixed. The original test case did not trigger the buffering code path so the
double lock was not found.

commit 561ddabd97b52229d65ac05a5e281f031e42e621
Author: Vincent Penquerc'h <vincent.penquerch at collabora.co.uk>
Date:   Tue Feb 24 16:06:08 2015 +0000

    decodebin: fix deadlock when resetting buffering

    This function is static, and only ever called with the expose lock
    taken. It thus has no reason to take this lock itself.

    This was introduced by one of my locking fixes from 741355.


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