[Bug 745171] HLS stream playback has gaps

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Wed Feb 25 09:28:16 PST 2015


Bastien Nocera <bugzilla at hadess.net> changed:

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          Component|general                     |don't know
            Version|3.15.x                      |1.x
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                   |ugs                         |sktop.org

--- Comment #1 from Bastien Nocera <bugzilla at hadess.net> ---
$ gst-play-1.0
Now playing
ERROR Could not open resource for reading. for
ERROR debug information: gsthlsdemux.c(1396): gst_hls_demux_updates_loop ():
Could not fetch the child playlist: Bad Request: gstsouphttpsrc.c(1564):
gst_soup_http_src_parse_status (): /GstSoupHTTPSrc:souphttpsrc0:
Bad Request (400), URL:
Redirect to: (NULL)

Reached end of play list.

If it doesn't work with gst-play-1.0, there's little chance it would with

First, it seems not to be served with the application/vnd.apple.mpegurl
mime-type (for which I added a hack to totem-pl-parser). Secondly, it seems
that GStreamer's HLS source doesn't like it.

Something to debug there.

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