[Bug 745197] pad: Don't fail latency query on unlinked pads

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Thu Feb 26 11:12:27 PST 2015


--- Comment #6 from Sebastian Dröge (slomo) <slomo at coaxion.net> ---
(In reply to Olivier Crête from comment #4)

> For the other n->1 elements (aggregator, input-selector, etc), they should
> probably post latency messages on the bus when the first buffer arrives on a
> new pad. Possibly toplevel GstBin should drop latency messages when they're
> not in the playing state if we start posting more of them.
> I've had issues recently with pipelines including audiomixer where the
> latency didn't get re-computed when modifying a playing pipeline.

Same here, I worked around it by posting the messages myself when things were
changed. We need to fix quite a few elements to post latency messages :) But
that should be tracked in a different bug, can you open one?

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