[Bug 745236] iOS: No ARM 64bits support in universal 1.4 iOS build

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Fri Feb 27 00:58:38 PST 2015


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--- Comment #13 from Edward Hervey <bilboed at bilboed.com> ---
Just to expand on the point of why we will most likely not provide a new 1.4
binary release which include ios/arm64.

While it might not have required that many (if any) changes to the GStreamer
source code itself, it did involve a lot of changes in:
1) Teaching cerbero how to use that toolchain/target
2) Fixing dependencies to compile properly for ios/arm64
3) Fixing dependencies to actually work properly on ios/arm64
4) Sometimes having to update dependencies because of needed features/patches
upstream to support (ios)arm64

The result is way too many changes to reliably/safely do a new 1.4 binary
release with that added support while at the same time ensuring no regressions
are introduced for all the other platforms/targets we provide binaries for.

1.4 is the stable branch, we need to keep it stable. This is a standard
practice in software development.
1.5 (master, i.e. what will be the upcoming 1.6 stable release) is where we do
all these new developments.

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