[Bug 745213] Shorten __FILE__ in gst_debug_log output on all platforms.

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Fri Feb 27 02:26:22 PST 2015


--- Comment #3 from Peter Urbanec <bugzilla.gnome.org at urbanec.net> ---
Nope, gcc-4.9.2 on Linux is not broken in that respect. When you do out-of-tree
cross compile builds (for example with openembedded), you will end up with the
full absolute pathname in __FILE__ because that is what the build system gives
to the compiler. gcc has no support for transforming the full path to just the
file name component.

Both the C99 and C++98 standards specify that the __FILE__ macro is
implementation defined and should indicate the source file. The standard does
not say anything about whether the __FILE__ should contain just the file name
component or the full path, so technically a compiler does not have a broken
__FILE__ implementation if it returns a full path name.

GStreamer already has a workable solution to the problem. This patch just makes
the solution available to all platforms, instead of limiting it to only WIN32.

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