[Bug 604810] Gstreamer Related functions crash when a XMLSerializer has been created

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Fri Feb 27 04:08:55 PST 2015


Domingo López <dlopez at visual-tools.com> changed:

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--- Comment #13 from Domingo López <dlopez at visual-tools.com> ---

I know that it is so long since this bug was marked as resolved but I have an
issue related with it and I have not found any other place to ask for.

Applying this patch I have achieved to use XmlSerializer and GStreamer inside
my project without problems... Thanks!

However, I still appreciate an issue about this code. Some exceptions (always
the same) are launched during the loading of GStreamer binding assemblies:

"System.NotSupportedException: The invoked member is not supported in a dynamic

The exception seems to be thrown at the line:

if (asm.Location != String.Empty) {...

(I guess the call to "Location" member has the fault)

And finally, the (dynamic?) assembly ("asm" variable) that origins everything

{Microsoft.GeneratedCode, Version=, Culture=neutral,

I know that all the exceptions thrown here are ignored by this code:

} catch (Exception) {
  /* Failure to load a referenced assembly is not an error */

But I would like to better understand the problem and till now I have not found
anything out there. Some questions:

What is the assembly "Microsoft.GeneratedCode" and which is its relationship
with the "XmlSerializer"? Is it a dynamic assembly? A dynamic assembly is the
same than a "referenced assembly"? Which is its mission here?

Some help would be very appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.


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