[Bug 745107] glimagesink: implement GstVideoOverlayCompositionMeta

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Sat Feb 28 03:19:52 PST 2015


Edward Hervey <bilboed at bilboed.com> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Edward Hervey <bilboed at bilboed.com> ---
The idea being GstVideoOverlayCompositionMeta is to instruct downstream
elements to do the overlaying operation.

In this case, glimagesink could state it can handle it (return it in the
supported meta in the allocation query), and when it sees an incoming buffer
with that meta on it upload the overlayed buffer and ask the gpu to blend it.

The pipeline wouldn't change (except that the pipeline xavier gave is wrong, I
imagine it's s/playbin/decodebin/), textoverlay would figure out that
glimagesink can do overlay, and therefore not "burn in" the overlay but instead
attach the information in the meta.

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