[Bug 744090] mpegtsmux doesn't permit to add stream during play

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Sat Feb 28 16:09:53 PST 2015


--- Comment #14 from Andreas Schuler <andreas at schulerdev.de> ---
Okay, first of all, there must went anything wrong. I used git format-patch.
Looks like I uploaded the wrong file....sorry.

::: gst/mpegtsmux/mpegtsmux.c
@@ +748,3 @@
+            if (!ret)
+            {
+                GST_ELEMENT_ERROR (mux, STREAM, MUX, ("Reading program map
failed. Assuming default"), (NULL));

Hmm....I copied it from the old functions. But it's a good time to think about
this part of code. In my opinion, when the developer adds a program map, he
want to generate more than one program. If this doesn't works, all video and
audio streams are added to one program. Normally this stream is not usable as
intendet and we should stop with a error because the user doesn't suppose to
get a stream like this. 

But when we do this, maybee we don't need the following line in code:

@@ +1263,2 @@
+      GST_ELEMENT_ERROR (mux, STREAM, MUX, ("Can't init stream on pad %"

Hmm...yes, the old message is better.

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