[gst-cvs] gstreamer omegahacker

Erik Walthinsen omegahacker at cvs1.i.sourceforge.net
Tue Feb 1 01:16:44 PST 2000

CVSROOT:	/cvsroot/gstreamer
Module name:	gstreamer
Changes by:	omegahacker	00/02/01 01:16:44

Modified files:
	.              : configure.in 
	docs           : Makefile.am 
Added files:
	docs/gst       : .cvsignore Makefile.am gstreamer-decl.txt 
	                 gstreamer-docs.sgml gstreamer-sections.txt 
	                 gstreamer.hierarchy gstreamer.types 
	docs/gst/tmpl  : .cvsignore gst.sgml gstbin.sgml gstbuffer.sgml 
	                 gstconnection.sgml gstdisksrc.sgml 
	                 gstelement.sgml gstfilter.sgml gstmeta.sgml 
	                 gstobject.sgml gstpad.sgml gstpipeline.sgml 
	                 gstplugin.sgml gstqueue.sgml gstsink.sgml 
	                 gstsrc.sgml gsttee.sgml gstthread.sgml 
	                 gsttrace.sgml gsttype.sgml gstutils.sgml 
	                 gstxml.sgml plugin.sgml 

Log message:
Re- set up the gtk-doc system.  I'd managed to mutilate it a while back,
but now it's fixed.  I'll put a copy of the HTML output somewhere on the
website tonight.

In order to actually generate the docs, you'll have to install all the
DocBook tools, as well as gtk-doc from GNOME cvs.  (see

Notes (I'll codify these some day):

- Don't believe the Gnome page, always edit the SOURCES when documenting a
given function, never the tmpl file.
- I'll be re-arranging things a lot, but gtk-doc is smart enough to merge
any changes to the tmpl file.  However, gtk-doc's merge and CVS's diff are
two entirely separate animals.  We should probably have a virtual mutex on
the entire docs/gst/ directory, over and above what CVS does.
- I'm going to try to end up with a book set (docbook terms), where
docs/gst/ is only one book.  There'd be another called docs/manual/, and
another docs/plugins/, etc.  If you have any comments as to how these
should be done, gstreamer-devel is the place.

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