[gst-cvs] gstreamer wtay

Wim Taymans wtay at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Sep 7 13:35:15 PDT 2000

CVSROOT:	/cvsroot/gstreamer
Module name:	gstreamer
Changes by:	wtay	00/09/07 13:35:15

Modified files:
	gst            : Makefile.am cothreads.c gstbin.c 
	gst/elements   : gstaudiosink.c 
	libs/getbits   : .cvsignore Makefile.am gstgetbits.c 
	                 gstgetbits.h gstgetbits_inl.h 
	plugins/mp3decode/mpg123: Makefile.am common.c gstmpg123.c 
	                          layer1.c layer2.c layer3.c mpg123.c 
	plugins/mpeg1/mpeg_play: util.c video.c 
	plugins/mpeg1/parse: mpeg1parse.c 
	plugins/mpeg1/system_encode: buffer.c 
	plugins/mpeg2/parse: mpeg2parse.c 
	plugins/mpeg2/video: gethdr.c mpeg2dec.c 
	test/cothreads : cothreads.c test.c 
Added files:
	libs/getbits   : gbtest.c gstgetbits_i386.s 

Log message:
Faster and modular getbits implementation.
Fixed a bug in the audiosink that could lock up your box on bad MB.
Modified the plugins to use the new getbits functions.

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