[gst-cvs] gstreamer wtay

Wim Taymans wtay at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Sep 14 13:31:05 PDT 2000

CVSROOT:	/cvsroot/gstreamer
Module name:	gstreamer
Changes by:	wtay	00/09/14 13:31:05

Modified files:
	.              : configure.in 
	gst            : Makefile.am gst.c gstbin.c gstbuffer.c gstcpu.c 
	                 gstelement.c gstelementfactory.c gstpad.c 
	plugins        : Makefile.am 
	plugins/rtjpeg : rtjpegdec.c 
Added files:
	plugins/vorbis : .cvsignore Makefile.am vorbis.c vorbisdec.c 
	                 vorbisdec.h vorbisenc.c vorbisenc.h 

Log message:
Due to popular demand :-), I added a vorbis decoder.
The encoder is not yet functional.
Small cosmetic changes to gstcpu.c

You *need* to install libvorbis.a from the main vorbis CVS.
you *have* to change the line in libtool to
because else the plugin shared library refuses to link against the
static libvorbis.a library. This is a hack. I have no intention in
including libvorbis into the gstreamer CVS tree and making it
libtool compatible.

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