[gst-cvs] gstreamer richardb

Richard Boulton richardb at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Sep 15 15:44:11 PDT 2000

CVSROOT:	/cvsroot/gstreamer
Module name:	gstreamer
Changes by:	richardb	00/09/15 15:44:10

Modified files:
	.              : AUTHORS acconfig.h configure.in 
	gst            : Makefile.am cothreads.c 
	libs/getbits   : Makefile.am 
Added files:
	gst            : gstarch.h gsti386.h gstppc.h 
Removed files:
	.              : config.h.in 
	plugins/mp3decode/xing/libxing: config.h 

Log message:
Begun to add support for non i386 architectures, with the help of Chris
Emerson.  Added bits to configure to figure out architecture, and added
some alternatives for PPC.  Should cause no problems on i386, but I'll
check after this commit, but doesn't yet work on PPC by a fair way...

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