[gst-cvs] thomasvs gst-ffmpeg: gst-ffmpeg/ gst-ffmpeg/ext/ffmpeg/

Thomas Vander Stichele thomasvs at kemper.freedesktop.org
Fri Nov 17 07:29:54 PST 2006

CVS Root:       /cvs/gstreamer
Module:         gst-ffmpeg
Changes by:     thomasvs
Date:           Fri Nov 17 2006  15:29:54 UTC

Log message:
	* ext/ffmpeg/gstffmpegenc.c: (gst_ffmpegenc_register):
	  My console is not your TODO list.
	  If it were your TODO list, you would have DONE it by now.

Modified files:
    .               : ChangeLog
    ext/ffmpeg      : gstffmpegenc.c


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