[gst-cvs] slomo gstreamer: gstreamer/ gstreamer/gst/

slomo at kemper.freedesktop.org slomo at kemper.freedesktop.org
Mon Apr 14 05:07:17 PDT 2008

CVS Root:       /cvs/gstreamer
Module:         gstreamer
Changes by:     slomo
Date:           Mon Apr 14 2008  12:12:36 UTC

Log message:
* gst/gstregistrybinary.c: (gst_registry_binary_load_feature),
Fix a typo in a debug message and revert change from yesterday as
gst_registry_add_plugin() will only fail if something is really wrong
already and we can't survive it anyway.

Modified files:
    .               : ChangeLog
    gst             : gstregistrybinary.c


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