gst-plugins-good: rtpmanager: rtpsession: don't send empty RTCP packets

Sebastian Dröge slomo at
Wed Nov 25 00:28:00 PST 2015

On Di, 2015-11-24 at 19:56 -0800, Alessandro Decina wrote:
> Module: gst-plugins-good
> Branch: master
> Commit: dd4df554d5c2d4a61d09e7ec7ab5844d126474a9
> URL:
> /?id=dd4df554d5c2d4a61d09e7ec7ab5844d126474a9
> Author: Alessandro Decina <alessandro.d at>
> Date:   Wed Nov 25 14:51:40 2015 +1100
> rtpmanager: rtpsession: don't send empty RTCP packets
> generate_rtcp can produce empty packets when reduced size RTCP is
> turned on.
> Skip them since it doesn't make sense to push them and they cause
> errors with elements that expect RTCP packets to contain data (like
> srtpenc).

I think this is hiding another bug somewhere. We should only ever
schedule an RTCP packet if there is either feedback pending, or a SR/RR
has to be sent. We should never schedule an RTCP if both is not true.

The only way I can see how this could happen now is if some application
is requesting RTCP to be scheduled, but does not actually add its RTCP
packets. Which would be a bug in that application too.

Or there's a bug in rtpsession that it sometimes schedules an RTCP
packet without a reason.
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