[gst-devel] caps, types, props

Wim Taymans wim.taymans at chello.be
Thu Dec 7 20:46:06 CET 2000

Just a quick recap of the different responsabilities of the
capabilities, properties and types:


 - are basically mime-types converted into a guint16
 - are the basic types known to gstreamer
 - selection of the plugins in autoplugging will occur 
   with the typeids


 - are used to specify extra properties of the basic typeids
 - use ranges/ints/fourcc or lists of those to descibe features
 - will be used to describe capabilities and metadata


 - a list of typeids with properties
 - are attached to pads
 - allow fine grained pad matching in autoplugging
 - elements will update the caps of the pads as media is

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