[gst-devel] Whoa, very cool

Erik Walthinsen omega at temple-baptist.com
Sun Dec 17 06:47:01 CET 2000

If you've been paying attention, Wim and I have been rewriting the
typing/autoplugging and scheduling systems, respectively.  Then an hour
ago we met in IRC and I asked for some failing cases, since I expected
some breakage.

Tested helloworld: it worked.
Tested queue: it worked.
Tested queue2: it worked.
Tested queue4: it worked.
Tested autoplug: it worked.
Tested gstplay: it worked.

Wow.  Major rewrite of several major subsystems, and things still work
perfectly.  Wim didn't even recompile autoplug.

That said, there probably will be some more breakage, but nothing
substantial.  My feeling is that we're on track for a 'Millennium'

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