[gst-devel] More scheduling changes

Erik Walthinsen omega at temple-baptist.com
Wed Dec 20 11:49:40 CET 2000

I just commited another megapatch to the scheduling system.  It's now
capable of dealing with deeply nested Bins and other fun stuff.  However,
the actual loop that sets up the various scheduling things is still in
need of tweaking.  We need detailed use-cases from which to work out a
plan for how to set up various elements depending on how they're
connected, based on some of the following parameters:

1) how many source and sink pads there are
2) is the element attached to another element with a different manager
  2a) which end (src or sink) is this element on
  2b) is the peer's manager a parent or child of the current Bin?
3) special flags like SCHEDULE_PASSIVELY and COMPLEX
4) priorities as to whether to use cothreads most of the time or not, etc.

Hopefully this can be worked out shortly.  In the meantime, what's in CVS
works for some cases, but not for all.  Use at your own risk.

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