[gst-devel] Having problems with mpeg1 player

Wim Taymans wim.taymans at chello.be
Wed Jul 12 00:54:00 CEST 2000

"Myers W. Carpenter" wrote:
> Hey,
>         I was trying out gstplay, and ran into the same problem that I had
> before with test/mp1parse: the video starts to play and then hangs, then
> a about a second more plays and then hangs, and so on.  After about 5
> hangs these messages show up: "gst_clock: waiting 1 18446744072960890851
> 1113263 18446744072962004114 seconds".
I have the something similar altough completely random. I suspect that there
is some locking missing in gstclock.c resulting in threads accessing an 
unprotected variable.

Anyway, I am now reworking the complete clock mess. I have rock solid
sink with seeking and skipping. It does not work very well with bad system
streams (and there are quite a lot of them). I will commit something soon.

I also might have found something for the MMX compilation problems you had.
I changed some of the constraints in the mmx.h asm statements from "X" to "m".

>         I just tried again to play a mpeg1 video with mp1parse and I don't get
> any visuals but I get the sound with the same hanging effect.

I Have no idea. would it be possible to send the MPEG or tell me where I can 
download it?


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