[gst-devel] Roundup 3. plugins

Wim Taymans wim.taymans at chello.be
Sun Jul 16 16:28:28 CEST 2000

Changes to the plugins:


conversion from one audio samplerate to another.
Should be converted to a library and use GCD to reduce latency.
The audiosink should also use the audioscale library when the audio
card does not support the requested samplerate.


need to find a better way to handle codecs.


two video filters: median and smooth. operate on YUV images.


unfinished, non working MPEG1 encoder.


an mpeg audio layer1&2 encoder.
need to merge the tables into the executable instead of loading them.


and mpeg1 multiplexer. Does not add delay yet or padding packs so it
does a very bad job for now


should be moved to mpeg1/videoparse. parses MPEG1/2 video into pictures.
reacts to GST_BUFFER_FLUSH by seeking to the next GOP.


a plugin to scale video. uses the videoscale library.


displays video buffers. uses the colorspace and videoscale library.
can use the Xv extension.

waits for the clock and sends out qos_messages.
also includes a Gdk and Gtk widget to encapsulate Xv images.


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