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Wim Taymans wim.taymans at tvd.be
Tue Jun 13 19:10:23 CEST 2000

> Arvind wrote:
> Hi
Hi, (I'm also forwarding to the mailing list),
> I came across your GStreamer project on the web and being interested in this
> stuff, I was just wondering whether there was any To-do or Wish list that you
> have.

Not really, but here I go:

- global clock (timing mechanisms, better A/V synchronisation)
- setup/destroy/pause of the pipelines
- type detection between plugins. automatic setup of the pipeline.
- documentation
- quality of service control.

- MPEG1 and MPEG2 playback, ac3 is good, mp3 shows errors sometimes.
- more accurate MMX IDCT on MPEG.
- better mpeg1 multiplexer (fix SCR and mux_rates)
- MPEG2 multiplexer.
- faster/better scaling filters.
- faster/better image filters.
- a videosink based on OpenGL and/or SDL.
- better audio resampling algorithms.
- fix rate control on mpeg2enc.
- build some more AVI codecs.
- implement QuickTime.
- H.263 codec + network components.
- network streaming.
- implement seek on the MPEG parsers.
- implement frame skipping on MPEG
- more audio decoders/filters/plugins.
- audio encoders.
- midi parser/player
- file reader/writer (image%d.ppm reader/writer)
- hardware acceleration.
- MPEG2 subtitles (my next TODO)

- Applications: almost everthing is present to build a cool media player.
- make everthing faster.

nice to have:
- bonobo-ify everthing.
- scripting (guile?)

for later:
- use GObject instead of GTKObject
- build for different platforms.

wishfull thinking:
- make a wrapper around all of the Windows plugins...

Erik (Project leader), you might have some more things.

> regards
> Arvind

Wim Taymans
> Software Engineer, Multimedia Solutions Group
> Silicon Automation Systems, India
> www.sasi.com

hmm.. cool.

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