[gst-devel] Re: [gst-cvs] gstreamer wtay

Wim Taymans wim.taymans at tvd.be
Mon Mar 13 23:49:59 CET 2000

Erik Walthinsen wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Mar 2000, Wim Taymans wrote:
> > A non functional avi parser.
> You might take a look at the WAV code.  There's a whole bunch of stuff in
> there to handle RIFF files, which AFAICT is all AVI files are.  I've

Yes, I took a quick look at it. I think it does not handle recursive stuff 
well, WAV is much more flat than avi, I remember it didn't work as easy as I
thought it would be.

I plan to restructure the plugin tree a bit. It's going to get messy when we
add encoders (I'm running out of directory names...). We'd have something like 


also in the root dir some general libraries:


problem is that it involves removing/adding because CVS does not have a 
rename or move AFAIK. Better to do it now.

> thought of putting the generic RIFF code either in a library or a plugin.
> The thing with a plugin is that symbol matching gets hard.  Probably what
> we should do is have glib do lazy loading, and plugins that require others
> can explicitely request that they be loaded.  Thus a RIFF plugin could be
> reused by both AVI and WAV, even though it isn't an actual element.

That would be the idea. I want to try this with the videosink. I could move
all the color conversion code into a filter plugin and have the videosink
load that when needed.


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