[gst-devel] Re: Bonobo

Erik Walthinsen omega at cse.ogi.edu
Wed Mar 22 01:16:43 CET 2000

On Wed, 22 Mar 2000, Nicholas Francis wrote:

> Hi. I've just joined the mailing list, and would like to introduce myself.
> I'm the main (read: sole) developer of the Trinity video editor, that Wim
> has also worked on.
A quick search turns up a product by Play Incorporated, not much else.  Is
that what you're referring to, or something else?

> At GUARDEC, i spoke with a guy from Mexico about making a standard media
> architecture for gnome, and GStreamer looks perfect for the task...
Cool ;-)  Would that guy happen to be Miguel, maybe? (hoping, hoping... ;-)

> However, I am wondering what plans there are for Bonobo - after having seen
> some demos, I am convinced that this is where the future lies.
Probably, yes, but I haven't put any thought into it yet.  It depends on
how Bonobo-ified you mean.  The basic architecture is based on GtkObjects,
though I intend to move to the glib-provided object system as soon as
possible, to remove the X dependency and other cruft.  These objects could
optionally be wrapped in Bonobo, though to what effect I'm not sure.  Most
likely there would be a Bonobo component that would "be" the outer
Pipeline object, with all the other glue necessary to do autoconnection
(i.e. play arbitrary media types).  This object would then provide all the
normal interfaces (pause, seek, etc.) to any application that wants it,
via a normal IDL.

I was reading a recent article that quoted Miguel as saying the primary
thing that got him started on the idea was IE's component architecture,
and having a streaming-media setup like this in a component seems to be a
critical step in getting GNOME more useful for a lot of users.

> I probably won't be doing any coding, as I have my hands full for Trinity,
> but I would love to take part in some design / bonobo implementation
> discussions.
Cool, have at it! ;-)

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