[gst-devel] Gnome Media Library

Wim Taymans wim.taymans at tvd.be
Wed Mar 22 22:38:43 CET 2000

Nicholas Francis wrote:
> Okay - I've started up a Gnome Media Library.

Hi Nicholas,

Nice to see you.
> Basically, this aims to provide a CORBA / Bonobo protocol for a media
> framework.
> I've asked for design ideas, as I believe it is important to get a lot of
> input early on.

I will now read your design docs and comment on them. This week I have education
at IBM for my job. We all sit behind a PC __WITH AN INTERNET CONNECTION__ so I
can surf and read bonobo development all day long instead of listening to the
boring servlet stuf.

I am still trying to understand bonobo...

> I do NOT wish to compete with this project - it is in my opinion by far the
> best there is for Linux, and I am hoping to end up just wrapping Gstreamer
> in some very sensible CORBA interfaces.

some suggestions allready:

 - have a stream inside a word/spreadsheet document.
      * we probably need autodetect
      * the current videosink can probably handle it
 - a little gnome applet to watch TV (in the panel)
      * need more fluf around the basic plugins (channel selection)
 - arbitrary locations for the plugin elements.
      * need network protocols (might kill performance?)


> Anyways, any input gained from you exerience will be VERY appreciated, so
> head on over to the site at http://www.sixpence.dk/media/
> Sincerly,
> Nicholas Francis
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