[gst-devel] Another bug from the egcs / gcc diffrence

Wim Taymans wim.taymans at tvd.be
Fri May 12 08:31:12 CEST 2000

"Myers W. Carpenter" wrote:
>         When playing an mpeg1 stream (currently trying on AlienSong.mpg :).
> Before the first frame is played mpeg2parse with segfault:
> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
> 0x40617cdb in gst_colorspace_yuv_to_bgr16_mmx ()
>    from
> /home/myers/gstreamer/./libs/colorspace/.libs/libgstcolorspace.so

I'll fix it this evening. It shouldn't be the same problem as the other
assembler but rather a buffer overflow.


>         Since this has more assembly in it the diffrence between egcs and gcc
> are causing this.
>         myers
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