[gst-devel] gstmediaplay and a project of the week for someone

Dan Dennedy dan at dennedy.org
Tue Aug 14 16:10:04 CEST 2001

The inability to make screenshots of the video with Xv output is due to 
something very fundamental in the nature of Xv. I think attempting to 
workaround this issue by automatically, repeatedly switching on and off 
Xv would lead to performance and stability issues, especially when 
seeking. Not only is it potentially unstable within XFree86 and XVideo 
itself, but it also over-complicates the integration within 
gstmediaplay. Instead, I propose that this issue be resolved by allowing 
the user to manually disable Xv within gstmediaplay and through 
education (FAQ item). When the user chooses to disable Xv output through 
a preferences item, simply modify the pipeline.


Christian Schaller wrote:
> I hope you as part of this process also can see if you can implement
> something which enables the making of screenshots, even if only after
> pressing pause. While seemingly a little issue I think the ability to
> make screenshots of gstmediplay and mozstreamer is rather central to the
> promotion of the GStreamer project.
> This issue is covered in a bug report including some implementation
> comments from Erik.
> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=450196&group_id=1936&atid=101936
> Christian
> On 14 Aug 2001 09:30:38 -0300, Steven Crouse wrote:
>>Hi Arik,
>>    I can work on this with you. I've been using gstmediaplay as my primary example
>>of how to work with GStreamer so I have a bit of an understanding of how it is laid
>>out. If you want to contact me directly we can work out the details of what you'd
>>like me to do.
>>Steve Crouse (asmod)
>>stevec at oeone.com
>>adevens at antioch-college.edu wrote:
>>>hey all,
>>>first of all, i'm back from school for the next few weeks so i am actively
>>>working on gst again. finally. second, for those of you who don't know me (this
>>>is actually the first post i've done on this list i think) i'm arik and i'm the
>>>author/maintainer of gstmediaplay the sample/default media player for gst.
>>>anyway, here is the project. i need someone (it could be me, i would rather it
>>>was someone else) to write a new (or fix the old one) libgstplay for
>>>gstmediaplay. it's not a terribly big project (the current version is 700+ lines
>>>of code) but it's potentially hairy. the specifications of what i need are as
>>>we need a gtk widget (ultimately it should be a bonobo control but for now...)
>>>that you can set a uri on and play/stop/pause. it needs to support switching
>>>media files and media types during playback and needs to send out a signal on
>>>eos. it needs to support seeking the media as well as have functions to return
>>>things like media length, size, type, name, id3 type stuff, and so on. as well
>>>as being able to query for the capabilities of the media, ie can seek, has
>>>video, has audio etc... most of this stuff already exists in the current version
>>>and really all that needs to be done is to fix up the pipeline so that it can
>>>switch media and hook up eos. oh and add the rest of the capability and query
>>>stuff. anyway the current code could be fixed or a new version could be written.
>>>i can write this (well i can once i learn alot more about how the pipeline stuff
>>>works in gst) but i would rather spend my time working on making the player as
>>>feature comparable to window media player and quicktime as possible and not on
>>>this stuff. so if someone else could jump on board and do this i would be really
>>>greatful and of course you would get co-author credit in the about box and
>>>such... ;-)

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