[gst-devel] GNOME Animation Studio

Dennis Smit synap at area101.penguin.nl
Sat Feb 3 17:51:51 CET 2001

Ruben wrote:

>         Hello, I'm the author of GANSO (GNOME Animation StudiO), and I want
> to ask if you think that it would be possible to use gstreamer on it because
> we are doing several things twice. I've also a plugin system for input and
> output codecs, for filters, and other things. And I've also something like a
> pipeline. In fact it's a tree where you can have this kind of nodes:

Actually as far as i know gstreamer is made to serve this kind of apps :) so i
think yes.
It would be a nice testbed as well give it a try ruben :) check out gstreamer
docs and stuff :) and start building on it !

Think omega / others would be verry delighted.

>         I think that if I use gstreamer, I could delete a lot of code from
> ganso that is already in these library, and use its codecs, its effects,
> etc. And more important, GANSO currently doesn't have support for sound,
> while gstreamer seems to have, so I could speed up a lot the development.

For sure :) how more people work together on it how faster things develop! if
you ask me it would be great !!!
Gstreamer also hasn't this much plugins yet and since you are making a video
editing thingy i can assume you will also
code some effect plugins :).

>         Well, you know the state of gstreamer better than me, so ¿what do
> you think? ¿Should I change my code and use gstreamer, or it's better to
> wait a bit until it gets more 'stable'? ¿Will I have all the posibilities
> that I have now with my tree system?

Gstreamer is under heavy development for sure.. in a short time 3 people will
work on it fulltime so it will get there for sure..
If you ask me start exploring and building on it! :)


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