[gst-devel] GStreamer todo list

Erik Walthinsen omega at ridgerun.com
Fri Feb 9 23:54:11 CET 2001

Here's a list compiled at RidgeRun of the things we need to get done
shortly (i.e. in February).

                                                  MattH started 2-7-2001

To do list for GStreamer

Highest Priority

1. cleanup build process, cvs branch strategy
  DONE: seems good enough for now (thx, Omega)

2. seeking: this changes several things
  - add "get region"
  - elements can set their state to "don't schedule me" for the scheduler
  - scheduler always schedules "the parser" first
  - all elements between "the parser" and the source need to implement
    "get region"... if a buffer element gets its "getregion" called, it
    needs to flush what it has and call "getregion" to its left...
  - an application needs to set the pipeline to "paused" or "stopped"
    before seeking
  - a new state "empty" (like a partial eos) will be added so scheduler
    can empty everything in the pipeline
  - all parsers will have to be modified to support this
  - all src's need to be examined... any necessary changes?

3. make eos more robust
  - works fairly well now
  - `seeking' changes will effectively change/improve this

4. add error handling
  - need to have an error model, and associated guidelines / policies
    when elements (and parsers!) generate errors
  - walk through several typical data paths, verify err handling for every
    possible error condition!

5. clean up documentation
  - changes to API => changes to docs

6. change plugins to be `loop func's'
  - this is a consequence of `seeking' changes

7. create a non-GTK application to use GStreamer
  - audio only 

8. walk through state transitions within all elements
  - verify appropriate behavior
  - `seeking' changes will basically require this

9. per-pipeline memory cleanup
  - ability to `delete' a pipeline (or any element)?


10. create a voice codec (gsm?) plugin

11. naming:
  - ensure assigned "names" are unique within context!
  - naming convention?

12. ensure cleanup/garbage collection
  - GtkObject: fix _destroy()

13. buffers: "metadata" needs complete rewrite

14. buffers: add check s.t. bufpen's cannot be unknowingly overwritten
  - at least generate some error

15. GtkObject: ref counting not used... remove?

16. add ability to read / report ID3 header information
  - mp3parse, etc

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