[gst-devel] Caps and properties

Richard Boulton richard at tartarus.org
Wed Jan 3 15:03:10 CET 2001

I've just been wondering: is there any way to specify a "preferred" value
foe a property?  For example, if I have:

static GstPadFactory sink_factory = {
     "format",   GST_PROPS_INT (1),
     "depth",    GST_PROPS_LIST (GST_PROPS_INT (8), GST_PROPS_INT (16)),
     "rate",     GST_PROPS_INT_RANGE (8000, 48000),
     "channels", GST_PROPS_LIST (GST_PROPS_INT (1), GST_PROPS_INT (2)),

this specifies that I am happy with any value of rate in the range 8000 to
48000.  (Actually I believe that esd will do its best to cope with things
well outside this range, but thats beside the point).

Is there any way to specify a "preferred" value of a property.  For
example, an entire pipeline might be happy with 8000 <= rate <= 48000: who
decides what actual value to use?

Also, while I'm asking questions:  Is "GST_IS_BUFFER" something which has
been deprecated, or just not yet implemented?  It's in quite a few of the
plugins, commented out, and in the example plugin too (not commented out).


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