[gst-devel] Mail fun

Erik Walthinsen omega at temple-baptist.com
Wed Jan 10 21:05:39 CET 2001

For the last 16 hours or so, my old mail address (omega at cse.ogi.edu)
hasn't worked.  That's because the account was finally deactivated.  They
managed to clear out the forwarding too, until just now.  That means any
mail sent to gstreamer-devel or -cvs during that time, I didn't get.

Also, my new address as of now, until I get my home server back up and
running in a useful state, is: omega at temple-baptist.com

If anything important was sent to the -devel in the last 16-20 hours,
please send me a copy directly, snice the mail archiving on geocrawler
doesn't seem to work all that well these days.


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