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Erik Walthinsen omega at temple-baptist.com
Fri Jan 12 00:22:35 CET 2001

On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, Dennis Smit wrote:

> Hi .. can you explain what this End of Stram actaully does to the pipeline?
I'm actually in the process of a long message to gstreamer-devel about it,
so stay tuned, and subscribe if you aren't <g>

> That is real great news :) atleast a working media framework :) i asked a
> mate of me if he can work on more plugins.. he is checking the
> code.. and yeah you'll hear from him i guess :)

> However this is great stuff for sure :) keep it up.. and i hope to see more
> comming verry fast and owjeah.. what are those apps each developer is
> working on.. like to know more about that :)..
I'm interested in mega audio processing, mostly for live applications.  I
run the mixer at church, which sometimes means large productions of 20+
channels and complex scenes.  I have the I/O hardware (mega soundcards) to
pull it off, but need the software and control surfaces.  That's one of
the main reasons I put in the (incomplete) LADSPA wrapper.  There are lots
of cool plugins (compressors, reverbs, etc.) in that foramt.  Wim's
interest (and mine, to a lesser extent) is in writing a killer NLE.

Both of these projects share a lot of infrastructure at several levels, of
which GStreamer is only the lowest.

I suppose we should each create more detailed pages on these proposed
projects, and start defining requirements so we can make sure GStreamer
has what we need before we get too far along <g>


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