[gst-devel] Re: gstreamer problem

Erik Walthinsen omega at temple-baptist.com
Sat Jan 13 05:00:14 CET 2001

On Sat, 13 Jan 2001, amael wrote:

> for the last couple of hours i tried compiling gstreamer, but it didn't
> work. ./config always left me with the error message that xml-config was
> not found. xml-config is in /opt/gnome/bin and i don't know how to tell
> that to ./config i tried --help but there were no options there regarding
> xml...anything i could do?

Just add the necessary locations to your PATH variable, i.e.:

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/gnome/bin

I'm surprised it isn't already there, unless you're not using GNOME
regularly.  Anyway, that should solve the problem of finding the -config,
and it should build from there.


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