[gst-devel] Re: non-64bit platforms? (Re: g[u]int64 GValues (was GValue questions))

Johannes Stezenbach js at convergence.de
Mon Jul 30 12:39:36 CEST 2001

Tim Janik wrote:
> 1) if we don't need to special case int64 in glib anymore since every system
>    that we care about now supports it, we should always provide gint64 defs.
> 2) once we unconditionally support >32bit integers, we should have GType support
>    for it (probably G_TYPE_BIG_INT or something and just guarrantee its >=64 bit).

What's wrong with providing conditional GType support for 64 bit integers?

Programs that use int64 w/o GType support are already non-portable
to platforms that don't support 64 bit ints. Withholding 64 bit GType
support on platforms that have 64 bit ints just forces programmers to
use ugly workarounds, like passing/storing two 32 bit ints or a pointer
to the 64 bit int.

Please add 64 bit int support to GLib, either unconditionally
or conditional using G_HAVE_GINT64.


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