[gst-devel] gstreamer.m4

Thomas Nyberg thomas at codefactory.se
Thu Mar 1 23:28:32 CET 2001

since the existing gstreamer.m4 doesn't do anything usefull, like checking
for the gstreamer-config script or the libs or anything. I thought that I
might as well create a (more or less) simple script fo this.

I've based the code upon the glib.m4 script and done some testing of it.
It seems to work, and do what it is supposed to do.

A nice thing that should be added to the GStreamer-libraries is
version-information in gst/gst.h Some variables or function should also
be added to return the version-info from the library. This would
make it easy to check that the header-files, libraries and the
gstreamer-config script is consistent with each other.


/Thomas <thomas.nyberg at codefactory.se>

I do not know if I am supposed to send the patch to this list or to
a single individual. The information at http://gstreamer.net is somewhat
lacking in this area. I'd appreciate more direct information regarding
this subject.

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