[gst-devel] Stuff that needs doing...

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Tue Mar 6 03:53:15 CET 2001

* David I. Lehn <dlehn at vt.edu> [20010305 21:18]:
> Passing events like EOS onward would have to be handled by each plugin.
> Perhaps the common case would be to have a default handler that takes
> unknown events and broadcasts them to all outputs... I dunno.  (This is
> the sort of thing flags may be needed for... broadcast vs an error for
> unhandled events)  Could have default handlers for certain types.  Which
> sort of implies that all elements will have to have event handling
> tables.

Hmm... more another thought:

The capabilities negotiation stuff could be used for elements to declare
which types of events (perhaps in some hierarchy) it can handle and what
events it produces.  Something like a list of mime types of events

Ability to handle other unknown events could be specified if it
understands how to do that in a sane way.  Else the framework could warn
the user it's hooking up a default handler for unknown types which may
not work.

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