[gst-devel] GStreamer for use in telephony

Brian Fahrlander brian at leelumber.com
Tue Mar 6 21:55:45 CET 2001

zaheer at grid9.net wrote:
> > Hmmm. How much media background am I going to have to research to
> > test this dude?  I'm going to take a look, but I'm probably going to
> > need FAQs and ask a question or two...
> No media background at all...it currently operates on telephony
> hardware and media isn't streamed and is always in the format the
> hardware likes.

    I was unclear; by "media" I meant v.35/PBX/other physical pipeline
issues.  A good example of that is on the webpage.  It reports that some
National Semiconductor card that I've never heard of (but is probably
very standard in your industry) is supported...but PC soundcards are in
the works.  I don't have the NS cards...but I do have a decent sound
system...how will I be able to tell if it's working?

    I'd really like to jump into this, but I'm not of the telco
world...I find it terribly interesting, incredibly useful, but it'd be
like either of you finding a commercial need to become immersed in the
world of Mayan artworks and their value in various cities or something;
a complete change-of-world.

    Maybe I should just wait a while while the pros figure out the best
way to handle things, and see what happens.

> However that is what we want to change, we want the ability to play
> and record audio from/to any format.  That is one of the reasons we
> are interested in GStreamer.

    Yeah, from the outside looking in, I'd say gStreamer is a great
idea, with the top-down philosophy, not the
let's-just-make-this-part-work philosophy.  And I love that it's
embracing existing standards instead of making new ones; we've already
tried that before, it's called "Windows".

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