[gst-devel] Question regarding libxml

John E. Joganic jej at akane.j-arkadia.com
Wed Mar 7 06:40:17 CET 2001

I've got two versions of libxml running on my machine- RedHat 7.0 RPMS and
a tarball of libxml2.  Can gstreamer use either or is it strictly targetting
one of them.  Is there configuration option to specify which to use?

On my machine, xml-config provides information for libxml2, not the
original libxml.  This possibly explains why I'm experiencing subtle errors
with gstreamer.  The reg.xml file contains nothing more than the xml version
tag after running gstreamer-register despite the fact that it lists about
fifty libraries.  Oddly enough, there was only one compilation error, but
it was in an example file, not the library itself.

Finally, a preemptory followup question, if libxml2 is not compatible with
gstreamer, what is the rationale of not moving forward to the newer library?

Otherwise, gstreamer looks fairly promising.  I look forward to developing
on this platform.


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