[gst-devel] ALSA-plugin

Thomas Nyberg thomas at codefactory.se
Wed Mar 7 12:48:24 CET 2001


I have attached a more or less simple plugin for ALSA-support. 
Currently only ALSA 0.5.x is supported, however support for ALSA 0.9.x
will be added in the future. 

The code will try to probe which cards are availible and then create
factories for each card. More info exists in a simple README-file
in the alsa-directory.

I have done some testing, and it works nicely on the two computers
it has been tried on - but more testing would be nice :)

Since I am a bit lazy, I haven't created a patch to alter configure.in
and plugins/Makefile.am - however the changes are trivial. Just add
plugins/alsa/Makefile to configure.in and see to that the alsa-directory
is traversed.

/Thomas <thomas at codefactory.se>

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