[gst-devel] plugin directory/hierarchy

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Wed Mar 7 23:14:45 CET 2001

* Wim Taymans <wim.taymans at chello.be> [20010307 16:18]:
> Source
>   Disk
>     disksrc
>     fdsrc
>     multifilesrc
>   Network
>     HTTPsrc
>     RTPsrc
>   CDDA
>     cdparanoia
>   XMMS
>     ..
>   Audio
>     ASLA
>     OSS
>   Capture
>     v4lsrc
>     firewire
> Sink
>   Disk
>     filesink
>     multifilesink
>   Network
>     ICECASTsink
>     FTPsink
>     RTPsink
>   XMMS
>   ESD
>   Video
>     videosink
>     SDLsink
>   Audio
>     OSSsink
>     ALSAsink

I took out a few items here.. but the rest of these should probably be
named and organized such that src and sink match up where appropraite.
Ie, add 'src' to ALSA and OSS sources.  Maybe should use "File" instead
of "Disk"?  And make it look the same for src and sink:

  fdsrc/sink - just use raw file descriptors
    filesrc/sink - subclass that adds named file functionality

Ideally you would have multifdsrc/sink instead of 'multifile' and could
add fdsrc/sink or any subclasses of it.  Though I have no idea what this
does anyway... just doing OO-ish design. ;)

I assume for simplicity you want to stay away from a multiple catagory
system? ;)

Would be nice to see ICECASTsrc.

Should ESD be under Audio: ESDsink?

Could also have an Audio/SDLsink too... if someone writes one.

> Decoder
>   MPEG1
>   MPEG2

Where do multiple implementations fit in here?  For example libmpeg2 can
handle MPEG1 and MPEG2.  And there are other mpeg1 and mpeg2 codecs as

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