[gst-devel] plugin directory/hierarchy

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Thu Mar 8 00:43:51 CET 2001

* Thomas Nyberg <thomas at codefactory.se> [20010307 18:28]:
> However, something similar could and should still be used.
> If you were to create some nice #define's (discard naming here)
> #define TYPE_AUDIO "Audio"
> #define TYPE_SINK "Sink"
> #define TYPE_FILTER "Filter"
> You get the advantage of easy spell-error-recognition, you move the actual
> values away from the "user"(which is good), and you can easily add types
> at will. In this case, you wouldn't have to change anything to still being
> able to use a 3d-object or something.

Is this extra level of indirection really needed?  If you misspeel
something you're plugin just won't work.  A proper test suite would pick
up such errors.  (Hey, where is that test suite?)

gtk uses strings for signal lookups.. that seems to have worked out ok.
Makes it easier for the scripting binding people too.

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