[gst-devel] audio/raw = 16 bit int?

Owen Fraser-Green owen at discobabe.net
Fri Mar 9 17:35:00 CET 2001


A quick question regarding audio/raw. I noticed sample resolution 
(MetaAudioRaw->bps) must be AFMT_S(8|16)_LE and audio data is passed as 
integers. Woudn't it be better for audio/raw to be 32-bit floats? By using 
16-bit signal processing, even (especially) if the output resolution is 16-
bit, aliasing effects can easily be introduced. It also means that there 
are currently a lot of "magic" numbers floating around (because the range 
is 0 to 2^16-1 instead of just -1 to 1) plus there's a lot of casting going 
on e.g. sinesrc and volume. 

I know it would mean an doubling the bandwidth of the audio streams but I 
feel that this would only be significant in long pipelines and then the 
extra dynamic range afforded by 32-bits would far outweigh that 


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