[gst-devel] 2001: A GStreamer Odyssey update

Erik Walthinsen omega at temple-baptist.com
Mon Mar 12 00:50:07 CET 2001

Well, there are currently 6 people listed on the webpage for the upcoming
meet.  It currently looks like Saturday the 31st is the best option, since
it's a weekend.  However, I'll be nice and zombied, since I arrive in
Amsterdam at 8:35 that morning.  I'll do my best with various OTC drugs to
make myself usable that day, though.  Either way though, it's still the
best choice, since I'm likely to have to spend a night in a hotel on
Amsterdam anyway because of my sister's schedule.  I'll probably be
heading to A'dam on the 1st to meet my sister and go to an evening
concert, then on to Den Haag for me.

It was suggested that for a group of this size (half-dozen), we could just
pick a cafe somewhere and sit down for N hours (though we'd better buy a
lot of coffee to justify that...).  That would probably be easiest, and if
the weather's good we can even be outside part of the time.

If anyone else is still interested in this meet, please let me know ASAP
so we can decide if it's Amsterdam on the 31st or not.  I'd very much like
to meet anyone else in the area who can make it.


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